Create alignment within your district and give leadership teams an efficient way to gather and share information based on a common set of goals, initiatives, or strategies to support your professional development.

  • Easily guide your educators in bringing your instructional outcomes to life
  • Have meaningful conversations in support of student outcomes
  • Create clarity in your district
  • Walk-thru solution can include your entire team: certificated, classified and administration.
  • Upload and share resources as a part of the walk-thru feedback and collaboration.
  • Include Self-Reviews and Peer Reviews as a part of the development process.

Formal Evaluations

Provide a simple and easy way to observe, meet, and report evaluation data. The evaluation feature is customized based on your negotiated forms and work-flow.

  • Experience our custom development process in guiding and supporting your formal process
  • Provide a clear and efficient system to your administrative teams
  • Easily review and submit final evaluations
  • Easy to use observation tool to collect data in real-time.
  • Notes feature to capture all meetings and notations over the evaluation cycle.
  • Reporting is built around individual and district level trends.

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