Our Vision for Education

A partnership with OnPoint is designed to be on-going, reflective, and adaptable to the needs, initiatives and defined goals of a school or district. We provide a comprehensive range of products along with clear purpose to create an innovative learning environment around student, teacher, and school collaboration.

Why Progress Adviser?

Progress Adviser offers software and services aimed at helping administrators accurately assess the complete picture while reducing the workload needed to gather and report on an ever-growing pool of data. Now districts have a single tool for all qualitative data to ensure funding requirements are met, stakeholders are informed, and academic and professional development goals are achieved.

Since formal, public education began, administrators have sought to monitor the education offered to their students by visiting classrooms, observing, and offering feedback to their faculty and staff. In the modern age, this process is more essential than ever. Having become more than just a “best practice”, federal and state funding require a steady flow of qualitative data to ensure guidelines and standards are being implemented effectively. Beyond test scores, administrators must stay in touch with student behavior, engagement, classroom and facility management, and many other elements that are best quantified by direct observation.

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Software Solutions

Progress Adviser offers a steadily growing catalog of software tools designed by school administrators, for school administrators, targeting a range of services within the district and school structure. These components can be brought online individually as desired, all housed within a unified web-app, allowing administrators to support their Professional Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Services, Facilities Management, and Stakeholder Engagement efforts from a single platform.

Progress Adviser Product Offerings

Training and Onboarding Details

District and School Build-out

A Progress Adviser Support Specialist will work with your School District's representative to establish the specific information needed for the placement of the district details. Walk-Thru feature, peer Walk-Thru and Self-Review features will be brought online. Custom staff types will be added along with all contact information, departments, and personnel. In addition, the specialist will create each school, grade level, and course. User accounts will be created for each staff member. District-Wide and School-level Walk-Thru goals, sub-goals and criteria will be established based on information attained from Burton School District.

Professional Development: On-site or Virtual 

A Progress Adviser representative will travel to the meeting place of your choice and host a one-day Getting- Started training.  This includes a customized training experience, covering the specific components, goals, and services.

Customer Support

Basic Support

Basic Support includes email and phone requests along with user guides and tutorial videos. The support representative assigned to your district/school will reply immediately for system issues and customer-specific requests. System issues will be escalated to technical support for a resolution. Customer requests will be resolved as soon as possible in the order submitted by customers. A typical resolution is within 48 hours.

Premium Support

Progress Adviser will provide its top-level support to a primary district contact. Premium support includes on-demand data management, assistance with any goal, criteria, or user account adjustments, report generation, and a number of other premium services throughout the school year.
Please consult the Premium Support agreement for full details on this service.


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