Customer Engagement Process

Plan Build Launch Support PA

1 Plan

Initial team interactions to analyze and determine your educational, departmental, and instructional goals for developing strategic walk-throughs.

2 Build

Assembly and structuring of your organization’s information and data entry of all courses, departments, personnel, users, goals and walk-throughs for entire system use.

3 Launch

Your educational team comes together with ours for training and familiarization in preparation for implementation and execution of your new Progress Adviser system.

4 Support

Ongoing availability and assistance from our customer support team to ensure your team has a partner in their daily operations that they can rely on.

Team Implementation Process

1 Train

Work with your team on how best to use Progress Adviser to support teachers & instructional practice. 

2 Survey

Ask your team how it's going. Gain an understanding of what their experience is with Progress Adviser.

3 Modify

Review, analyze, and plan next steps based on the feedback from your team & observational feedback.

4 Develop

Reinforce best practices to ensure clear understanding and consistent communication & feedback across your teams in support of your goals.

Train Survey Modify Develop PA

Custom Walk-thru & Formal Evaluation Solutions

  • The Walk-Thrus component allows you to collect and instantly deliver feedback based on your focus and instructional strategies to drive improvement in the classroom.
  • The Formal Observation process can be customized to include a focus on CSTP’s, your district’s negotiated forms, or other sets of standards.
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Resource Library

  • Instantly deliver resources to support your professional growth model.
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Trend and Summarized Reporting

  • Powerful data reports looking at systematic trends by grade level, department, school and district. Helps with PLC’s, Grade Level and leadership meetings.
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Updated Flyer

  • Learn more about recently added features and upgrades to Progress Adviser.
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