Goal Report

Provide your leadership with the data they need to support your professional growth model.  Support your instructional strategies by providing resources for use in PLC and department meetings.  Discover what is working and what staff member, grade level, or department needs additional professional development.



Frequency Report

Allows you to view all Walk-thru activity at each site. Helps with accountability by providing a single view of each Walk-thru that has been completed over any period of time. Supports administrators by providing information on how often and how long they spend in a classroom, allowing for thoughtful review and future Walk-thru planning.  Answers the critical questions: What classrooms have I been in recently? Which ones do I need to spend more time in?



And More, Including

  • Goal Analysis Report
  • Comparison Report
  • Formal Observation Summary Report
  • Trend Report
  • Custom School and District-specific Reports

Goal Report - Campus Culture and Climate

Goal Report - Learning Target

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