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Progress Adviser Supports Data-Driven Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying Improvements in Student Outcomes
  • Professional Development Led by Educators
  • Walk-through Information that Matters

Redlands Unified School District is committed to preparing students to become productive participants in a diverse, multi-cultural, democratic society through quality education, high expectations, flexible programs, and innovative partnerships. To achieve this, they have partnered with Progress Adviser, an OnPoint solution, to provide all teachers with monthly, instant, meaningful feedback through the utilization of the Progress Adviser classroom walk-through solution. Redlands commitment includes ongoing Professional Development with in-depth sessions led by educators, identifying what success looks like in the classroom, calibration of walk-through collections, data analysis, and on-site one-on-one meetings with the school administrators.

"The use of Progress Adviser in the Redlands schools has given our administrators solid data to use when guiding academic improvement efforts in every classroom. Principals are able to work with site leaders to develop and monitor goals to ensure that every classroom is providing high-level opportunities for all RUSD students" 


Ken Wagner, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Redlands Unified School District
Redlands, California

Redlands Unified School District is preparing students through quality education and innovative partnerships. You can too.

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